Courtney + Jared

Another wedding that I’m excited to share. This wedding was unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of, it was like something you only see in a bridal magazine. Courtney and Jared completely took over an open field and a backyard and turned it into a country/rustic fairytale. Every detail was adorable.. but my ultimate favorite was Courtney’s grandpa’s blue FFA jacket that Courtney had cut into a heart and stitched to the back of her dress. This is definitely a wedding that I feel fortunate to have been able to document. October is a crazy wedding month, but somehow I’ve lucked out with some gorgeous couples who put their whole heart and soul into their weddings. I love that I get to document it all. Here is just a highlight of what we captured.

Jordan + Dan

Truly a wedding we won’t ever forget. As I was driving through Lake Kaweah and peeking into Three Rivers it began sprinkling. Ten minutes later, as I was parking my car in The White Horse Inn parking lot, it began to pour. I began to worry for the bride, knowing she had spent a solid two months planning one of the most important days of her life. Walking through the venue we noticed the crew of White Horse, along with neighbors who live around the venue, working incredibly hard to cover all of the tables (since they were all set up and ready to go for the wedding day). There were several girls with old towels, drying off the chairs where the ceremony was set up. I slowly walked up to the bridal cabin and walked into the most quiet and warm environment. Where most brides and bridesmaids would be in complete panic, this group of girls truly gave it all to God. They sat in a circle, held hands, and prayed. You could feel so much emotion in this little room. They knew our little valley and all the farmers were praying against them, and they completely understood that this is all up to God, and they were okay with that. The bridesmaids all decided to keep the bride in good spirits and began taking turns giving her the best marriage advice they could give. Everyone was either crying or laughing because the feeling of friendship and compassion was so overwhelming. Eventually the rain stopped and we were able to sneak out and get some quick shots. But as soon as the bride met her groom at the alter it began to pour again. I literally had my second shooter (also known as my younger brother) shadowing me with an umbrella over my head. With frozen hands and lots of beauty to capture, we all worked very hard to make the absolute best of it. And somehow this wedding has become one of my all-time favorite weddings yet. I’ve been listening to wedding music on Pandora all morning while preparing this blog.. and some of those emotions from this day came back to me.
I’m so glad everything turned out as it did.. and I’m so happy Jordan and Dan chose us to photograph this day.

C a t e g o r i e s