Catalina 2014

This little trip was quite an adventure. We thought it would be fun to leave Visalia a day early and take the boys to Universal Studios for their first time. Once we got to the park we quickly changed our mind. It was humid, 106, and so crowded. Not fun for adults, let alone a 5 and 7 year-old. So we found a cozy hotel right in Long Beach where we would have to aboard the Catalina Express in the am. We had a nice dinner that night and just enjoyed each other’s company.

We took the first ride on the Catalina Express and made it to Catalina by 11am. The first thing we did after we unpacked and settled in the beach house was take the boys to the park to release some crazy energy. Chad and I went straight to the little grocery store and stocked up on fresh fruits, breakfast essentials, and snacks while my brother took the boys to the arcade. Later that evening we tried Antonio’s Pizzaria for the first time and enjoyed it on the outside patio that sits on the water. It was so relaxing. After dinner we had a nice walk on the pier. On our golf cart ride home we found a deer roaming the street, looking for food. You see them quite often on the island, but it is illegal to feed them. I guess if you feed them anything, but grass and shrubs it is filling up their body with improper nutrition which inhibits their survival.

The second day, we had my brother get up first thing in the morning and reserve our spot on Descanso Bay so we could snorkel later. It is the boys favorite thing to do. Chad puts Bryson on his back, and the four of them swim out and see all kinds of fun stuff. I just like to sit and bake my half-Mexican skin in the sun until I can’t stand it anymore. Water is just not my thing. The boys also decided to try kayaking. Chad and Bryson didn’t last long though. By noon we jumped in the golf cart and headed back up to the town and enjoyed Mexican food and mango margaritas then everyone took a two hour nap back at the beach house. Before sunset we headed back to Descanso to get our beach gear that we had left and ended up enjoying the cool weather so much that we laid around and enjoyed the peacefulness.

The next morning we all went on a walk from the beach house to the cafe to enjoy pancakes (egg-white omelet for me);)I found a new little coffee shop that served all sorts of great coffee and iced blueberry green-tea.

Back to Descanso for more snorkeling.:)

and my new fisheye lens arrived later this day so the rest of the trip was photographed with it! Too much fun, especially the 180 degree angle.

The boys had pizza again and headed back to the beach house to sleep while Chad and I found a new restaurant, Maggies Blue Rose, and enjoyed way too many different flavored margaritas, some bloody mary’s, and Buffalos Milk. Seriously one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

And on our last full day in Catalina we got to hang out with Chad’s cousin and her boyfriend and then went parasailing. It was Jon and Landon’s first time.. hilarious! Listening to Landon’s laughter the whole time, 250 ft in the air, was priceless. Love that kid!

C a t e g o r i e s