For most of my adolescence I pushed art as far away from me as I could. I was raised to believe that a woman needed an education beyond high school to truly be what our culture defines successful. Art teachers would con me into entering festivals and my dad forced me to take graphic designing, but I always had this impression that artists were starving peddlers. To fill my heart with contentment and complete my definition of success, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies.

“God is preparing you for greater things”

The life I live today, with mostly a camera in hand, is not a life I foresaw. I developed a career within my silly life as a stay at home mom who just wanted to document the daily life of her curious and eventful one year-old son. Everything spiraled from there. It was literally like Alice falling into Wonderland. It wasn’t on my to-do list. Sometimes I joke that I just tripped, fell, and landed here. But in all reality, and as cliché as it sounds, I guess I just followed my heart.

“Let your eyes do the talking”

I have now been photographing families, events, weddings, businesses and just daily life for almost 8 years! I currently shoot around 20-30 weddings a year, am the current cover photographer for Enjoy Magazine, and I shoot for the Catalina Island Chamber every summer for their Visitor’s Guide.

Next on my list of adventures is to get to Oahu, HI this month to shoot my very first destination wedding! The sky is truly the limit.

can you believe . . .