So if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook it’s no secret that I recently had the most amazing opportunity to photograph a wedding in Oahu, Hawaii!! To a photographer, this kind of excitement is only comparable to maybe telling a 10 year old that he can skip school for en entire week and lay on a tropical beach somewhere with unlimited sweets and no bedtime. Oh wait, thats exactly what our 10 year old did on this work-related journey of mine. When Linsey first asked me, there wasn’t any point in hiding my excitement. I had already heard about her and Dan’s engagement (in Italy) and was already completely thrilled for her! To photograph an intimate wedding day on a private Hawaiian beach with a couple who looks like Dan and Linsey is just something a girl can’t pass up. So I packed up my family and had one of the best vacays to date!

I know this wedding journey wasn’t exactly easy planning for Linsey; not to mention the down pour of rain that was expected right at ceremony time. But I could honestly say that once the final touches of hair and makeup were completed and she was finally putting on that romantic wedding gown, the day unfolded absolutely perfect for her.

Please enjoy just a glimpse into their wedding day.

A few of Linsey’s vendors will be listed at the end of the post.

Venue: Tiki Moon Villas

Florist: Spinning Web Floral

DJ: Mike Bell Weddings

Cake: Sweet Convictions

Makeup: Alexis Pereira

Hair: Nancy Pereira (SwankD)

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