Pace and Allison

Such a lovely winter wedding at Historic Seven Sycamores. You can almost always guarantee that any wedding they host will be over the top, but this particular one was something of a different feel. Winter is the season that gets the least amount of wedding bookings, people are intimidated by the cold and unpredicted weather, but here in the valley it is simply one of my favorites.

Allison did a great job taking into account what her guests might feel throughout her wedding day as she had a basket of hand warmers at the welcome table, provided Kuppa Joy coffee station for a complimentary and warm beverage to sip on, as well as having the entire reception event inside SS’s one of a kind glass barn.

This day was simply designed to perfection.. the color scheme alone will leave you inspired. It was truly a pleasure.

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Why you should book your family session in the spring (or summer)..

I’m a sucker for the holidays. The chilly weather, the Christmas lights, the warm fire, and the tree.. nothing screams “family time” more than Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet each year it rolls around quicker than we remember and everyone is trying to scramble to get a million things done before December 25th.

In 2017 I didn’t even get a chance to mail out our holiday cards. We didn’t have an updated family photo and between football, Christmas shopping, home decorating, and dinner planning, I didn’t want to spend another minute of my day planning outfits for our holiday photo. (Outfits are everything for a photo!) Also, as a photographer, you could imagine this is my busiest time of year. It completely supersedes even wedding season!

So I thought to myself, what is wrong with getting your family photos done early in the year, say Spring or Summer, and having those photos ready and downloaded by early fall?!

Here are 3 reasons why I think you should get them done earlier in the year instead of waiting a month before Christmas Day.

#1 Your photographer is recharged and full of energy.

If you follow your favorite photographer on social media it is no secret how busy they get during holiday season. They are either MIA or over-posting.. meaning they are super busy. Going 100 miles a minute, hosting holiday mini-sessions every weekend and getting at least one family session done every afternoon of the week! What you don’t see is that they are also at home during the day- uploading, culling, editing and then uploading all those photos to your private gallery in time for you to see them.

By the end of November your photographer is tired and counting down the days to Christmas.

I have to admit that in these weeks even I am trying to hurry through my sessions and get back home to slippers and hot tea.

My point is- book a session in early March when the grass is gorgeous, the trees are blooming, the sun is shining bright, and your photographer just had his/her long winter hibernation and is ready for a brand new fresh start!

(Imagine this kind of photo as your holiday card) 😉
#2 The scenery

I don’t need to ramble. The photos speak for themselves. I love what Mother Nature displays for us in early spring.. the grass is tall, wildflowers are dancing, and the hills have subtle dimension that paints your background for you.

#3 It’s one less thing to check off during the busy holiday season

Now this also goes hand in hand with getting your photos done during summer time! If you’re headed to the coast this summer maybe get in touch with your photographer and see if he/she will be offering any summer sessions over there too. I know my family and I pack up every few days and travel from coast to coast through our summer break and I love meeting up with my clients for a quick morning or afternoon session! Throw on a flowy dress and walk barefoot in the sand.. easy! The scenery is breathtaking, and you can almost guarantee it will be different than most of your friends’ holiday cards! 😉

Now go book your family session this year!

If you’re curious about my availability this spring- here is my post with dates and pricing. 

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